Feature – Halloween Tag

Actually created by NeylaKunta for Nomnivors #Halloween-Wochen, my friend Vi from Gone With The Books tagged me. 🙂 Thank you for this, my dear.

halloweentagThe rules/how it works: all questions are Halloween related, so it could get a bit spooky. 🙂 Try to answer the question as honest as possible.

Although I’m not traditionally celebrate Halloween I like the idea and it’s interesting to answer the questions. 🙂

Thank you very much, Vi, for include me in this funny feature. 🙂

1. What is your favorite Thriller/crime?

Really impromptu my answer is: Birdman by Mo Hayder. But I would say the whole series… I can still remember the emotions I had while reading… Very impressive book. 🙂
2. If you´d be part of such a book, which part would you like to be? (Killer, investigator, victim)

I guess I would be the smart investigator. 😉 I love to take clues, combine them and be the one who arrest the culprit. :3 It’s totally satisfying to imagine this. :3
3. How far do you think would you come?

Excuse me but is the question really serious? 😀 Of course I would succeed. :3
4. What is your favorite horror movie?

Puh, very hard… I guess since it is one of the most impressive ones and I have several memories of it: It based on the book by Stephen King…Is it a real horror movie?
And because of nostalgia: Freddy Kruger movie series. xD Nightmare on Elms Street. xD 
5. Did you ever play a horror video game? And if yes, which one?

Uh, I did, it was called… Dementium. Very scary because of the atmosphere… But other, no, not really my cup of tea. xD
6. What are you afraid of? And why?

I could say: of clowns but it’s nor really a fear like for other people… I guess one heavy fear is the fear to be lonely… Sounds a bit unexpected but… yeah, that’s the most fearful for me…
And although it’s not a fear but I can’t stand cockroaches. >.<
7. If you think about Halloween, what comes first into your mind?

Very talented people with awesome costumes and… a bit crazy folks. xD But also a nice celebration though I’m not that die hard fan.
8. Do you like Halloween at all?

Yeah, it’s nice but… sometimes just a day like every other… xD I’m not really the person who costumes a lot… here and there, occasionally. 🙂

9. Your best Halloween costume

Ehhm…. I can’t really remember because I’m not sure if I was ever on a party costumed on Halloween. xD So, sorry, no answer here. XD
10.  Are you frightened easily? Or do you rather frighten others?

No, not really because I’m a quite rational thinking person and sometimes the exaggerated try to be scary is a bit jilarious for me… 😀 On the other hand I wouldn’t say I am one who scary other… I think it’s a bit mean to do it especially if you know the person’s real fear(s)…
11. What is creepier?
  a. Werewolves or vampires?

Puh.. I guess I would be more afarid of vampires and their techniques than of werewolves… I would try to defend myself, to run away or what ever… Survival instinct… Vampires are crazy shit with their mind-games or whatever they can do. xD

  b. Ghosts or zombies

Uh, zombies… Because they are… disgusting… But I would also hit them as good as I can… Survival mode again xD
c. Dolls or clowns?

I have to say both… clowns are creepy as fuck but doll can be too… With their faces… No, not really fond of dolls and their lifeless eyes sometimes…

d. You in the morning, when you slept badly or in the evening after work / school

I love to stay up very long and to make the night my day, but… don’t you dare try to speak with me when I had a bad night. xD I am so grumpy then and… show my claws and use my sharp tongue. xD Also don’t talk to me when I’m hangry (hungry and angry). xD Though it’s a bit funny… if I have to get up early I’m not happy but I arrange really fast with the situation… So, I have my half and hour to wake up but I’m not a grumpy morning person in general. 🙂 Only when I slept badly. 🙂
All questions answered; let’s have the second fun part: tagging another blog. 🙂

My blog of choice is: Birdie Bookworm from birdiebookwormblog. 🙂

But of course, feel free to answer the quesion yourself in the comments. 🙂



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