Share the Love Sunday# 7 + 8 (combined edition) – Frankfurt Bookfair (October 19th – October 23th) Special

This is a weekly feature where I babble about my week, things I am happy about. Based on the “Theme Days” in the author – reader Facebook group Hassell & Hall (now called Group H2)

Sorry for the belated StLS issue but I was exhausted by the Frankfurt Bookfair (October 19th – October 23th) and had a hard week of working and doing other things.

The bookfair was great yet a bit bizzare because me and my friend (unfortunately my other friend attended the day before and was tired from it) were going through the halls where the foreign publisher were and a lot of the booths were empty when we were there on Sunday morning… I had the information that the publisher sell their books on this day so I wasn’t aware of the… silence in those halls. xD

The huge crowed were at the main halls where the german publisher were and where the signings were. Sometimes it was a bit annoying to make your way through the large crows of people, around people who were sometimes unexpected rude. <.< Anyway it was a nice bookfair again.

My personal highlight was the Manga Corner in the Congress Center, where a few local/german artists were, mostly those from the publisher Carlsen Manga. 🙂

I got my signature from Kamineo and Christina Plaka, two artists I really like. ❤

Have a look at the signatures:

So beautiful, especially the one by Christina Plaka which look like a drawing. :3

The week after I had appointments and so many things to do… So happy to have a bit relaxing time. 🙂

Yeah, so, that were the two weeks combined. 🙂 Sorry for the delay. 🙂 This week it will be a single issue again. 🙂

Kisses & hugs, Mikku-chan

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