Follow Friday # 4 (october 28th) – Halloween


Hosted gracefully by Bücherwurm (Patricia) from FiktiveWelten this meme is asking every friday a particular question. The question is “valid” until the next thursday.
The purpose behind is to get in contact wiht other blogger and to maybe gain new follower or meet interesting people in general. 🙂 😉
General info and rules here (blog entry in German).
A general overview page will be posted soon. 🙂

The question
What do you think about Halloween? Day like every other or do you party like it’s hot? 😀 Trick or treat for you and the neibour’s children?

I have to say I’m not totally agains Halloween but I’m not a person who costumes that much… So, it’s a day like other but I like the fun other people have and maybe when/if I have children I’ll enjoy it a bit more. xD I can imagine why it is such a fun, it’s a bit spooky, you celebrate with friends and family but I don’t particular need it. 🙂

Sorry to disappoint you if you thought I had a better answer. xD

But I do like to read books about Halloween, about spooky things sometimes, to be in the mood. 😀

What do you think about Halloween? Do you love it or do you avoid it? 🙂


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