Stacking the Shelves # 7

Stacking The Shelves, hosted gracefully by Tynga’s Reviews, is a weekly feature. It is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

This week I received 5 ARCs and bought 6 books. 😀 No review copies arrived me – but I have all I’ve waited for. XD

*for the better understanding: I’ll call ebook review copies mostly ARCs whereas I call german review copies simply review copies. 😀

ARCs/review copies

Wrecked (Delicious # 5) by Sierra Riley
release date: October 28th


“The best gifts are the ones you didn’t even know you needed.”

“Everyone in the wedding party gets laid. It’s tradition.”

Roger “Beck” Beckworth grew up with a strict, homophobic father who was always changing the rules just to keep Beck on his toes, but now he’s made a well-ordered, predictable life for himself that he’s perfectly happy with. Perfectly. When he finds himself waiting to take his place as a groomsmen at a friend’s wedding, the last thing he expects is that the final attendant—the one who’s running late, a sure sign that the two of them will be like oil and water—will turn out to be the first man he ever loved.

“Surprises are some of my favorite things.”

Liam Hart lives on his boat, free to go wherever the wind blows him. He’s almost allergic to the idea of being tied down to any one place… or any one person. That had been different, once, but loving Roger Beckworth was half a lifetime ago, and the pain of losing him taught Liam a valuable lesson about the risk of trying to hold onto something after its time has passed. Finding him again might just teach Liam something else altogether, though.

“You have to believe. Love will never let you down.”

When fate brings them together again, their differences seem destined to pull them apart… unless Beck can finally learn to let go, and Liam figures out that love really is worth holding onto, no matter what the cost.

Wrecked is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers. It is set in the same series-world as “Someday,” Danny and Mace’s story, “Delicious,” Gavin and Ben’s story, “Falling,” Jeremy and Nick’s story, and “Again,” Cash and Robin’s story.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

This book is one I’m waiting for a while. :3 The 5th volume is about Liam and Beck – Robert – and with so many reappearances of the guys from the Delicious series. :3 Currently reading. :3

Happily Ever After (Student Bodies # 9) by Pandora Pine
release date: November 8th



The countdown is on to Asher Flynn and Xander Knight’s Christmas Day wedding. Before the grooms can exchange “I do’s,” they need to get to the venue, a pristine winter wonderland in New Hampshire’s aptly named White Mountains, before a blizzard shuts down the roads leading to the Presidential Hotel.

As the main event draws closer, we’ll catch up with all your favorite Student Bodies’ couples and their growing families. Phillip and Chris are adjusting to a big change in their lives. Cannon is hiding a secret from his husband, while Silas and Colin are fighting. Kirk and Edison each have surprises up their sleeves. Brock and Ryder have a big decision to make while Morgan struggles with becoming a father for the second time. It’s the first Christmas for the newest members of our families and what would Christmas be without a visit from Santa?

There is one last stumbling block before Asher and Xander can finally take their walk down the aisle toward their forever. Will the most unlikely hero of all swoop in to save the day?

You won’t want to miss this final chapter in the Student Bodies series.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

I am so excited to read the last book of this series. :3 The series is since book 2 a regular thing I am looking forward to. ❤ Already pre-ordered. :3

Stray Hearts by Harper Logan
release date: October 25th


“Out of the frying pan, into the fire.”

Chris Seitz just can’t catch a break. Driving west to escape the flooding that rocked his Georgia hometown, he finds himself stranded during a record monsoon in a rural Arizona town with a bag of clothes and Henry, the cat he rescued four days prior. Now Henry has gotten lost, and Chris is nearing the end of his rope.

“What good was an artist if he couldn’t make his art?”

Wandering around during a thunderstorm in the hopes of finding inspiration to cure his crippling creative block, master potter Lucas Duncan is surprised to find something else—a terrified and lost cat. He’s even more surprised to discover who the owner is: the handsome newcomer to town.

“I didn’t want to believe that I could feel that way about another man…”

Deep in the closet and ten years Chris’s senior, Lucas wouldn’t normally have a reason to associate with the young wanderer… if not for Henry the cat, and the unyielding magnetism of fate. Can the undeniable connection between the two lost souls bring their stray hearts home?

Stray Hearts is a 40,000-word standalone contemporary gay romance, complete with lots of heat and a happily ever after ending.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

The last books were (really) good. Looking forward to read it. 🙂

Afterglow by E. Davies
release date: October 20th


“I’m not used to people being nice to me for no reason.”

“You’re lonely, too.”

Chris Black, a firefighter in Santa Barbara, is finally out and trying to
make up for lost time. He has no trouble finding men, but their first
dates end behind his bedroom door. Nobody sticks around except his ex,
who leaves him feeling rotten after every booty call. Being passed over
for a promotion thanks to his loud mouth is another blow. Most of all,
it’s coming home to an empty house that’s wearing down his optimistic
spirits. Answering a cry for help sends him straight to the side of a
man who’s his opposite, but everything he wants.

“No more me. Good.”

The last glimmer of hope for Ash’s future vanished when he came home to
find his now-ex, drugs, and four guys into their living room. With
nobody by his side, in a hotel room in the small hours, the fog of
depression lifts and pushes Ash into action at last. Standing on the
balcony railing, he sees a glimpse of freedom and takes a step toward
it. Seconds later, his body and spirit broken, Ash is pretty sure he’s
died after all when he sees a gorgeous stranger fighting to keep him

“I’m safer on the ground.”

When Ash falls through his porch on the way home from the hospital, Chris
can’t resist offering his guest room. Ash will get the help he needs to
adjust to his new limits, and Chris will get a friend, even if he wants
more. The close quarters push them both to realize life is brighter and
more fleeting than they knew. Each man faces danger from within and
outside. Can they make it through the flames to fall in love?

Afterglow is a steamy, stand-alone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

I have the first book on my TBR… 🙂 Can’t wait to read this. 🙂

Fire Flow (The Guardian # 4) by Max Walker
release date: October 18th


Sexy firefighter, Colton Drake, has everything going for him. From a prize-winning smile to a washboard set of abs, all mixed together with a playful sense of humor. He wasn’t the type to have one-night stands, but he knew he wouldn’t have trouble finding them. So why was he having such a terrible time finding someone to spend his life with?

Well, until he meets the man that changes everything.

Mason Bleu, a fire investigator, is moving back to Los Angeles after getting a job offer he couldn’t refuse. Even though the city held some terribly painful memories, Mason thinks everything will be fine. It felt like a second shot.

Then, his entire world is rocked the moment his eyes land on Colton’s. Their connection is immediate and that terrifies Mason. To top things off, he’s thrown into a case involving a serial arsonist terrorizing the community.

Colton and Mason are on a path that could end either in paradise or in a nightmare. Things only heat up further when the arsonist sets his sights on one of them.

Can they make it through the fire or will they be turned to ashes?
FIRE FLOW is a hot and steamy, gay romance novel with no cliffhangers. It is the fourth book in The Guardian series but can be read as a standalone.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

This can be read as a stand-alone but I have the first two book on my TBR list on my kindle. 🙂

bought books (also free books)

Turn the World Upside Down by Nyrae Dawn
release date: October 20th


Hunter Donovan’s life always seemed perfect, but there was something rotten beneath the shiny surface. When the truth comes out and his dad is sent to prison, Hunter can only react with anger. His rage boils out of control, leading to a violent incident at school, and then to Hunter being sent to a mental health facility—Better Days.

Hunter doesn’t see how therapy can help him. If it can’t change the past, what good is it? It’s not like he can go back in time, see the horrible things going on right under his nose, and put a stop to them. No, he should have found that strength when he had the chance, and now it’s too late.

There is a ray of light at Better Days, though, in the friendships Hunter forges. Anxiety-ridden Casey, uninhibited Rosie, recovering bulimic Bethany, and Stray, a self-harmer who’s never had a home, lighten Hunter’s feelings of isolation.

Despite the connections he’s forming—and even the love blossoming between him and Stray—Hunter can’t escape his shame and remorse. If Hunter can’t open up and find a way to deal with what happened, he might end up another casualty of mental illness, just like one of the friends he’s grown to love.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

I am so excited to read it – and to write a review. :3 ❤

Interborough (Five Boroughs # 4) by Santino Hassell
release date: October 24th


The Raymond Rodriguez from a few years ago wouldn’t recognize the guy he is today. He’s left his slacker ways far behind him and is now juggling two jobs and school. But the balancing act doesn’t allow much time for the man he loves.

David is doing his best to be supportive, but problems at work and his own insecurity leave him frustrated—in more ways than the obvious—whenever he goes to bed before Raymond gets home. The heat and affection between them is still there, but they barely have the time or energy to enjoy it. And it doesn’t help that Raymond is still hiding David from his colleagues.

The stress mounts so high that a vacation in paradise is filled with turmoil instead of harmony, and culminates on their return to the five boroughs with broken promises and heartache. They have to figure out how to stop allowing their differences to overshadow their love. It’s the only way they’ll make it to forever.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

Two days earlier because of the pre-order on Riptide’s website. :3 Maybe I will start it today. ❤ Not sure yet. 🙂

Hexmaker (Hexworld # 2) + 13th Hex (Hexworld # 0.5) by Jordan L. Hawk
publication date: October 14th + April 15th


 A straight-laced policeman. A lighthearted thief.
A murdered millionaire.

Fox shifter Malachi steals for one of the biggest crime rings in New York City. But when he witnesses the murder of a millionaire, the only person who can keep him safe is Dr. Owen Yates, forensic hexman for the Metropolitan Witch Police—and Malachi’s witch.

Owen is horrified to discover his familiar is an uneducated thief. Even worse, Malachi threatens to unleash Owen’s deepest desires…desires Owen can’t act upon, as he’s destined for an arranged marriage to secure the Yates family fortune

Their agreement: Malachi will be Owen’s lover as well as his partner, until the day of the wedding. But as their hunt for the murderer carries them from teeming slums to Fifth Avenue mansions, Owens begins to realize Malachi commands his heart as well as his body.

With dark forces drawing ever closer around them, Owen must decide whether to bow to the demands of duty, or to risk everything for the man he loves.

Hexmaker is the second book in Jordan L. Hawk’s Hexworld series, following the adventures of witch policemen and the familiars they bond with. Download today to enter a world of magic, romance, and intrigue.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

I really love the cover. A fox shifter is really unique for me to read about. :3 ❤ Have to read book 1 first, then I can read this and the prequel. 🙂


Romance. Magic.

Dominic Kopecky dreamed of becoming a member of New York’s Metropolitan Witch Police—a dream dashed when he failed the test for magical aptitude. Now he spends his days drawing the hexes the MWP relies on for their investigations.

But when a murder by patent hex brings crow familiar Rook to his desk, Dominic can’t resist the chance to experience magic. And as the heat grows between Dominic and Rook, so does the danger. Because the case has been declared closed—and someone is willing to kill to keep it that way.

The 13th Hex is the prequel short story to the all-new Hexworld series. If you like shifters, magic, and romance, you’ll love Jordan L. Hawk’s world of witch policemen and the familiars they bond with.

NOTE: This is a previously published work. The title, author, and/or publisher may have changed.
The 13th Hex was originally published as part of the Charmed & Dangerous anthology. Only minor details have been altered for this reissue.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

I admit I hesitate a bit because of the price but I want to read book 1+2 so I need the prequel too. ❤

Exposed (Tool Shed # 5) by A.R. Steele
publication date: September 17th


People have always suspected Yorick Todd of being gay. He’s not, and he has an ex-girlfriend and a four-year-old daughter to prove it. Working at a male strip club is downright awkward, even if he loves being a DJ. When a friend is DJing at a gay club one evening, Yorick goes along as a show of support, but he’s not comfortable — especially after Wright, the blond, built ex-Marine he works with, asks him to dance.

Wright Dixon enjoys his job as a flair bartender, and his support dog helps him deal with the scars still left from his time in the service. He can’t resist Yorick’s dark, slender good looks, so he’s willing to be patient in the face of the other man’s resistance. But even though Wright is open about his sexuality, he has secrets of his own that he can’t bear to expose.

Will Yorick finally admit the attraction between them? And if he does, can his acceptance heal Wright’s hidden shame?

Exposed is the fifth book in the Tool Shed series of gay romance novels. It has a happily ever after ending and can be enjoyed as a standalone or as part of the collection.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

I hadn’t noticed the 5th book was already published. Loved volume 1-4

Final Act (Tool Shed # 6) by A.R. Steele
publication date: October 17th


Lev Rubin goes through men like Kleenex – use them once, then throw them out. And the flamboyant male stripper likes going through as many as possible. The moment a new member appears on Grindr, Lev hurries to write to him – even if the profile doesn’t have a picture.

Austin Delong is devoted to protecting people. Love and sex aren’t on his mind, but he downloads a hook-up app on a whim. When “Tattooed Muscle God” answers a message from “Drama Twink,” he has no idea he’s talking to someone he already knows.

While Lev is eager to add the buff bouncer to his list of conquests, Austin takes exception to Lev’s bratty attitude. He’s not willing to be another forgettable hook-up. But as Austin schemes to make this an encounter to remember, something unexpected develops: feelings.

Will Austin come to understand why Lev needs to shield his badly-scarred heart? And will Lev allow Austin past his longstanding defenses?

Final Act is the sixth and last book in the Tool Shed series of gay romance novels. It has a happily ever after ending and can be enjoyed as a standalone or as part of the collection.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

And of course I needed this volume, too. :3 Final book in the series… ;__;

books I’m waiting for/ preordered

I like to give an overview of the anticipated books, some of them are preordered (marked with a ++). I put the link to goodreads on the title. In the comming StS issues I will present them. 🙂

  • Happily Even After (Student Bodies # 9) by Pandora Pine – release date November 8th++
  • Daring Fate (Silver Tip Pack # 1) by Megan Erickson – release date November 14th++
  • Country Talk (On the Radio # 3) by Pandora Pine – release date December 6th++
  • Off Base (Out of Uniform # 1) by Annabeth Albert – release date January 9th 2017++
  • Danced Close (Portland Heat # 6) by Annabeth Alber – release date March 14th 2017++

This is my overview… Feel free to leave a comment if you have similar books on your list. 🙂


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      Ah, cool, a book set in the hometown. 🙂 I never get lucky because I live in Germany in a small village near a bigger city. XD Nobody would like to write a story about it. XD


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