Follow Friday # 3 (october 21th) – Bookfair


Hosted gracefully by Bücherwurm (Patricia) from FiktiveWelten this meme is asking every friday a particular question. The question is “valid” until the next thursday.
The purpose behind is to get in contact wiht other blogger and to maybe gain new follower or meet interesting people in general. 🙂 😉
General info and rules here (blog entry in German).
A general overview page will be posted soon. 🙂

The question
Did you attend to a book fair? Do you wish to visit one (someday)? What are your experiences (so far) and what are your interests? What do you wish for (if you weren’t there already)? 🙂

I am a bit astonished that I attend to 4 bookfairs so far (if I count my visit of the Frankfurt bookfair tomorrow already in): 3 times Frankfurt bookfair and one time Leipzig bookfair. xD

My first attend to the Frankfurt Bookfair was 2014 in combination of a seminar I had for my major german studies. 🙂 I am still a student, now in my master, and it was my… oh well, let me check it – 5th semester in my bachelor. 🙂 So, right before my end. 🙂
We visited the Frankfurt Bookfair in order to get an insight in the scenes behind the normal days for the “regular customer”. We had to ask and talk with a few publisher, it was a nice experience because our seminar leader is (still) working for a German publisher Jacoby & Stuart in the marketing department. 🙂 The whole seminar was a great experience because I got an awesome insight of the processes of making a book, from the manufactoring to the marketing process and the ads for books. 🙂 I won’t miss this experiences ever. ❤

The year after I was as a private visitor there – on a friday or saturday if I remember correctly – , together with a good friend of mine who also studies german. 🙂 And this year I will visit it with the same friend and another good one on sunday, where it’s open for everyone / everyone can buy books. 🙂 I expect to have a great time. 🙂 But also to have aching feet. xD

The other book fair I attended was the Leipzig Bookfair this march. I plan to visit it again next year again with my two friends (the two who are going to visit the Frankfurt bookfair with me tomorrow).

The purpose to visit the Leipzig bookfair was mostly to visit the booths of the artists and drawers who publish manga (german one). 🙂 I admit I am not that much interested in the booths of the regular publisher but it’s often because of the different taste in my reading and their programs – over the years I devided a bit, they published books I would read but… I have a new specialisation so to say. xD But my Leipzig bookfair debut was topped also with having an interview with the author Bianca Iosivoni. ❤ It was so sweet to be able to talk to her, she was so sweet and we had a great time. My interview (in German) was published on

But I love to still get an insight of course, it’s at least that I want to do as a major job when I’m finish with my study.
Also signings aren’t that interesting because mostly those authors I love aren’t visiting Germany on the bookfairs. xDD I had to fly to the US or UK to get the signatures of the authors I love. 😀

It’s a pity that I can’t attend to the small bookfairs/conventions which are around the year, for example I was invited to the Queer Con in Berlin but it’s mid November and I can’t visit it, because it was to late to book a hotel room, train tickets etc. when I was informed. :/ But maybe next year… I have to check my bank account first. 😀 Because one thing is for sure: bookfairs and cons can be really expensive. xD And yes, it’s because of buying books, too. xD But not only… and that’s the most depressing thing. xDD

And maybe I can someday attend the large bookfairs in the USA… I know, it’s a pious hope yet but… let me have my hopes, okay? XD *laugh* Maybe I’m lucky – maybe I get an invitation or have that money?… XD

What are your experiences? Did you attend to a book fair? Which one? What do you like most? What are your expectations? 🙂


One thought on “Follow Friday # 3 (october 21th) – Bookfair

  1. Haha, oh well, sounds like a FAIRytale! ;o)
    Alter Hase as we would call it in German, you know what I mean …

    Have fun tomorrow and maybe one day, you’ll tell us how a fair in the USA looks like.


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