Release day: Turn the World Upside Down – October 20th

Today is the release day of the high anticipated Yound Adult novel Turn the World Upside Down by Nyrae Dawn (aka Riley Hart). ❤

This means, the book is now live! Grab you copy here (amazon, Harmony Ink) or at any retailer you trust. 🙂 😉

Happy release day, Nyrae. :3 ❤

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Throwback Thursday #7

This feature should “throw” you back a year ago. This feature is made by me and I’ll post my read books in the CW (calender week) the year before.
I explain it: it’s the year 2016, I throw back to 2015. Every Thursday I look up which CW we have and go this exact CW in the year before back. 2017 I throw back to 2016 and so on. 😉
But let’s see how it works. 😉

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