Top Ten Tuesday #6: Top 10 Characters I’d Name sb./sth. after (october 18th)

In this TTT (Top Ten Tuesday) meme which is hosted weekly with the utmost grace by The Broke and the Bookish I list my Top 10 Books with character names I’d name sb./sth. after. ❤

  • Aurora from Twelve Truths and a Lie by Christina Lee
    my review
    twelve-truths-coverI really like the heroine’s name: Aurora. :3 Combined in the book with a fierce redhaired girl it’s astonishing. :3


  • Alasdair from Alasdair (Masters Among Monsters # 1) by Ella Frank
    25866430I really have a thing for those elegant sounding names. :3 It rolls good from the tongue. ❤


  • Noah from Noah by Cara Dee
    29755537Really captivating. :3 Noah… yeah, some might be reminded of the bible’s guy xD I like the sound. :3


  • David from Served Hot (Portland Heat # 1) by Annabeth Albert
    23450159I really like the name. :3 It has a great sound, also one favorite character in another series has this name so I’m very fond of it. :3


  • Michael from Sutphin Boulevard (Five Boroughs # 1) by Santino Hassell
    25994729This is another pleasant name. :3 Also fitting in different languages, but always with a different pronunciation.


  • Dominic from Fast Connection (Cyberlove # 2) by Santino Hassell and Megan Erickson
    30415154Has a fierce sound. :3 Also the short version sounds awesome. :3


  • Ezra from Love on Fire (Firefighters on the Fox # 1) by Zach Jenkins
    my review
    30556638A bit oriental. Like the crisp of the name. :3


  • Lennard from Kaktuskavalier by A.C. Lelis
    my review (German on Leser-Welt)
    Has a nerdy touch but I really like this name. 🙂 English pendant can be Leonard.


  • Evren from Knit Tight (Portland Heat # 4) by Annabeth Albert
    25937705Could be also a woman’s name. 🙂 I like this, it’s oriental, pleasant sound, rolls good from the tongue. :3


  • Julian from Beyond the Surface (The Breakfast Club # 1) by Felice Stevens
    26065703Ah, I have a history with this name because it’s my boyfriend’s name. 😀 So, yes, I like this name a lot. ❤

What are the names you like/love? Did you name sb./sth. after a character? Not necessary a book character. 🙂 Feel free to tell me. 🙂 I’m really curious. 🙂 :3


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