Casual asking – my answers # 1: why do you blog?

Because I don’t attend every week to certain events, I want to create a column where I collect all those blog actions/questions or interesting inspirations (by other blogs/follower ;)).

Have a look at the entries, they don’t will be maybe updated weekly but it is worth to have a bookmark maybe on this category. 😉 Feel free to suggest me interesting blog actions/features. 🙂

This week I start with the Monday question which is hosted by Svenja from the blog Buchfresserchen weekly. The rules for this blog action: every Monday there is a question which to answer within 7 day. To participate you don’t need to start on Mondays. 🙂 The question was an entry by Cara from  Bookinghampalaceblog

The question by her was: why do you blog? Why did you start it?

Because my blog is really young and fresh *smirk* I love to answer this. :3 My purpose was that I needed a place where I can collect my reviews – or in better terms: my other reviews. :3 I am totally fond of reading male/male romance, or gay romance in general, but I also read lesbian fiction/books with bisexual topics etc. So in short: the whole LGBTQA+ movement/topic in fiction but I am also generally interested about it. 🙂

This blog was a long process of thinking about it. I review German books a long time now, since 2013 but I was also searching for a place – namely my own place, one where I could say: this should be on the blog – where I can collect all those english reviews I write…
When I started using Goodreads (within my start of reading english ebooks) really frequently I thought about of a connection… GR was and still is a nice participation way to spread the reviews for a large group, is still my source and one mayor place I post my reviews. Also do I post my thoughts in groups, but those are only a few sparks, mostly emotions to books…

I had – and still have – a livejournal blog but I don’t use it anymore, haven’t really started there filling it with content… I’ve posted a few reviews (copies of the original entries) on an included blog in the forum where I write about manga in general but I stoppped this a while. So I was without a “real” space…

When I decided I want to – really want to – blog too I had to decide wether I use blogspot or wordpress.  I decided to use wordpress because of my experience in the usage and the features. 🙂 The most comfortable thing won.  xD

The topic of my blog was also soon very clear, pre-defined so to say: because I already have my places on the internet where I write German reviews (Leser-Welt) or about my manga (the comicforum, with more detailled discussions, not with the strict structure) I searched for a place where I could talk about my passion for gay romance.

Though the blog topic is gay romance I named my blog not specialised. One reason – and maybe it’s simple: I want to be able to use the blog for any purpose if (not when right now ;)) I end with reading gay romance. Also, second reason: it’s also a blog about me, so about the profil Mikku-chan, my nickname now for nearly two decades. :3 I start using this uncommon nickname (which doesn’t really have a meaning tbh xD It’s more the sound, the phonetics I love about it. Spelled Mii-ku, so the stress on the first syllable, the double k isn’t like the english or german spelling of double consonants. The vowel is to stress/spell doubled.) when I start talking digitally (on the internet) about manga/anime in general in my youth/child years. 🙂 So, the name stuck. 😀 It’s so to say my alter ego. xD
Because of those reasons the blog name is Mikku-chan / A world full of words. Because this describe me very well. :3 I love to write, to talk about my read books. 🙂

So: this is the beginning of my blog… xD

I have now my blog (I plan to move from wordpress ot my own domain in the new year), an own facebook page to it and my personal Goodreads page is filled with the blog reviews. My twitter account is mostly used for the distribution of my blog entries and I also have an Instagram account which I plan to use later. 🙂 Maybe other social media channel will follow. 🙂

I have only a few follower yet – hope to get more ❤ – and I really like to be, get in contact with other but I have also to admit a bit sadly that gay romance blogs aren’t that rar and you have to “stand” you place. 🙂 It’s a bit tough sometimes and… you have to try not to be upset or sad about it. 🙂


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