Follow Friday # 2 (october 14th) – review rituals


Hosted gracefully by Bücherwurm (Patricia) from FiktiveWelten this meme is asking every friday a particular question. The question is “valid” until the next thursday.
The purpose behind is to get in contact wiht other blogger and to maybe gain new follower or meet interesting people in general. 🙂 😉
General info and rules here (blog entry in German).
A general overview page will be posted soon. 🙂


The question
Do you have any particular review “rituals”? Do you read the books first (completely) and then review or do you do it while reading? Digital or with pen and paper(aka the old school way)? 🙂

First: I read every book I review completely until I actually write a review. I need to have an overview of the events in the books, need to know the character, without it I can’t write a proper review.

I don’t take any notes, neither on post-its nor digitally/with the PC/tablet. I don’t like to do this – and tbh – this maybe sound a bit arrogant – don’t need any. 😀 I have a really good memory of the books I read, even months later I can remember book details very accurate. 🙂 This way I can recommend books to people a long time after I read them and tell them what’s good and bad, what I liked and not… I can even tell what the cover was looking like. xD

But if I do some notes I only write really short ones, mostly one word, often it is only the characters name (when the ensemble of characters is very huge). And I combine them with arrows and other visible markings, mindmap style. 🙂

The reviews themself are written on PC. For the portal Leser-Welt where I write my German reviews I have several forms I need to use, as a structure ´pre-defined. So there I have an order how to write my points down. Because I write mostly manga review in German it’s in fact easier to have the manga while writing the review beside me instead of taking notes. The medium is totally visually, so I need to focus on the drawings, the mimicks and gestures, not really the coherence in the storyline though it’s an important fact, of course. 🙂

For my other mostly (englisch) ebook/print reviews I let my thoughts flow. Often starting like a stream of consciousness I collect my thoughts about a book in my mind first. While reading I might don’t take notes on paper but I do them in mind. As I say my memory relating to books is really good and so I form a review in mind already within the reading process. I juggle a bit with phrases and special start and closing words/sentences, try to capture the reader’s attention but try to set the tone not too funny and not too strict. 🙂

What I recognized recently that my “forced” structure is helping me with my “casual” reviews or even in my study. xD While I write thesis I have also to stay focus, to have an actual structure is really helpful, at least to start a topic. 🙂 Also it’s nice to give the reader a repitition of stucture characteristics, so it’s easier to follow the whole review.

You see, it depends on my purpose of a review. What definitely helped was the length. With the strictness not only the arguments/facts are structured it is also a great achievement to be able to write on point and to learn to limit your words, so your writing style. It was often really helpful, not also for reviews but on daily basis too. It sharpens you communication skills also because you can also structure your thoughts better. 🙂

What are you rituals? Are you “old fashioned” and do you need your pen and paper? Do you have your digital device (tablet, smartphone etc.) always connected while reading so you can take notes or are you even reading on the device and highlight/mark the parts directly?

I am really thrilled to hear yours. 🙂

One thought on “Follow Friday # 2 (october 14th) – review rituals

  1. I’m very old-fashioned if it comes to book reviews. For Leser-Welt it’s even much more complicated than for FiktiveWelten or book-communities etc. because of the scheme we have to fulfill.
    Product reviews are totally different, these will be typed in directly in the system. Strange! ;o)

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