Review: Bromantic

Bromantic by Harper Logan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

“What do you say? You down for a nice bromantic evening?”

Roommates since starting college, Terry and Robbie are still best buds as they head into senior year. Although Terry’s a frat jock and Robbie’s the geeky captain of the Quidditch team, they even adopt a puppy together. When the power goes out one stormy evening, Terry is secure enough in his heterosexuality to suggest making a “bromantic” night out of it.

“So you want to play make-believe.”

Robbie plays along, even when the one-off joke turns into a weekly “date night.” But as Terry toes the line of what’s acceptable between two bros, Robbie begins to wonder if his growing feelings are really for pretend.

“Just a couple of straight guys dating each other.”

Will Robbie’s infatuation drive a wedge between them, sending them on different paths after they graduate? Or could their enduring friendship become something greater than either has ever dreamed?

Bromantic is a 55,000-word standalone contemporary gay romance, complete with lots of heat and a happily ever after ending.

What a hilarious and sweet story. 😀 ❤ The idea of having a fake relationship is not new or incredible creative tbh but this book contains so many charming aspects you instantly fall in love with  -the story as well as the character.

The two MC are friends for a long time, since they started college and were put in a dorm room together. With two different characters they balance each other very well. Whereas Terry – Terrence – is sporty and a burly kind of guy., Robbie is the quite opposite: lean, geeky with this passion for playing Quidditch (yes, you maybe know this because of the Harry Potter books)  – more, to be the captain of the team – and reading his most beloved bookseries with the well-known wizard with the glasses, Harry Potter. 😉 And other than Terry  – who has one hookup after the other – sexual not to active. 😉

They both set – with Terry having this idea firsthand – up a fake relationship and soon they are engaged in a not-so-fake-one and their true feelings for each other reveal slowly…

What I really loved about the book was the naturalness everthing flows with. Both guys are so balanced and know each other so well, that it is a joy to see them interact. It is also nice to have two different kind of guys so well fitting as a pair and on top to be best friends. It’s quite unique to have such a bond with somebody. ❤

Despite the light topic there are parts with heavy emotions, especially at the end. When Robbie explored his own feelings for Terry and makes new revealings about his sexuality, it is the start of a light drama. It’s good solved by the author and now drama is left. 🙂

Another pleasant aspect was the care both guys give the puppy, Bits,  Robbie adopt from a shelter. Not only Robbie and Terry fall in love instantly, also the reader is mesmerized. Also it leads to funny scenes which crack you up sometimes. 😀 I only left the hint: spy dog. 😀 😀 Along with this kind of humor we have also several parts with Terry who is joking constantly. 😀 A very hilarious dude. xD

The chemistry between Robbie and Terry is definitely palpable. You can nearly smell the sexual attraction, the need and passion for each other… The erotic scenes were hot as I wished for, but also emotional and very touching. Heart clenching at some times. ❤

It’s a bit sad both guys have to go a few rough things first before they get their HEA. Also some of their friend’s behaviour was unsatisfying. :/

But in general I can’t say how many times I lie on my couch and laughed out loud because of the hilarious scenes and the sweet behaviour of the character. The puppy is the cherry on the cake. ❤

5 out of 5 stars. Totally recommended and perfect if you are in need of a light-heart, warming friends into lovers story with a puppy “adoption” on the way. 🙂 ❤


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