Share the Love Sunday# 5

This is a weekly feature where I babble about my week, things I am happy about. Based on the “Theme Days” in the author – reader Facebook group Hassell & Hall (now called Group H2)

For this StLS issue I have mixed feelings… I feel today a bit unbalanced and struggled. But still it’s a good day, because I have work done for today and I’m relaxing… 🙂

For this weeks StLS I want to share my excitement over the book I’ve currently reading: Dance with me by Heidi Cullinan.

My review to this will follow (maybe today, it depends how fast am I reading it and if I’m not too tired) and is planned for the #diverseromancebingo feature I do on my blog, based on and inspired by the thread in the H2 group and the one on GR. (for more information look up the entry I’ve linked)

To make the review a bit more vividly I will put quotes in it… Because of my week’s feelings I feel the need to be cheered up and reading it makes me happy; I have to laugh out so loud a lot… So, the book do a great thing to avoid slight depression, I can say personally. 🙂

And I guess my personal image song for this book is “Take Shelter” by Years & Years…

But I will tell you reader what struggles me… I know every start is bumpy, creating a blog especially… I was really happy until the middle of the week but then I read something and I feel… well I can’t say it has or hasn’t to do with me because I really don’t know but… it felt strange and… I was – still am – annoyed (by another thing) and took a decision – it’s quite alleviating…But the bad feeling stays… Sorry for being so vague but… I can’t really expose this openly here right now… Just want to let you now, my dear readers, I feel a bit lost… :/

Currently while writing, the song “Carousel” by Laura Izibor (on the soundtrack of P.S. I Love You) is playing, which is fitting quite well…  ❤

I don’t want to upset you and myself with slight negative emotions… not every week is the best week but this goes away, too. I have to say this myself everytime I feel upset. 🙂

And if any of you think the same let me say: you are not alone and I it will be better soon. :3

Kisses & hugs,



One thought on “Share the Love Sunday# 5

  1. Oh I’m really sorry that you feel this way. I’d like to cheer you up – but how? Unfortunately I have no clue. :o( I could offer you a Halloween Tag but even haven’t written my own article yet. Well, I can only send you a hug and a smile. Hopefully it’ll be better soon. Yes, of course it will! :o)

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