Follow Friday # 1 (october 7th) – the treatment of my books


Hosted gracefully by Bücherwurm (Patricia) from FiktiveWelten this meme is asking every friday a particular question. The question is “valid” until the next thursday.
The purpose behind is to get in contact wiht other blogger and to maybe gain new follower or meet interesting people in general. 🙂 😉
General info and rules here (blog entry in German).
A general overview page will be posted soon. 🙂

First question (for me)
How do you treat your books? Are they your most precious thing in the world or do you need a broken spine, dog-ears or highlighted words to feel happy with your book at the end?

Well, well… if you could have a look at my bookshelves you would see: all my books are treated fine. In fact I hate to “use” books like other maybe do. >.< It really hurts my soul to see a book with a broken spine, dog-ears on every page…  >.< *shivers*

Even in the books we’ve read in school I couldn’t highlight words; I always used a post-it or a pencil (only used light) to underline things, or even made copies from the pages to highlight them. xD

I am really neat and picky with my books but of course I don’t compain to buy used books. I just need a certain kind of treatment. A minimum so to say… and maybe this is set a bit higher than for people who maybe read casually. I’m an avid reader and reviewer and I “use” book, of course, but since I worship them – even if it’s the worst book ever – I can not “hurt” them. Yes, you’ve read it: I feel like hurting them, so I personify books… I know this is a strange quirk maybe XD

Friends of mine are always joking I would go fury if people don’t treat my book right but… it’s true I’ve to say… 😀 Honestly I had an argument with my father because he left a book we – my mother, he and I – were reading together on the windowsill and had not even a broken spine, no, it was wet because of an open window and a heavy summerrain. >.< My heart is still hurting for this book… ;__; *sob*

But I guess I’m still the averange, or maybe the top of it. XD I knew a few people who are worse than me; who expect to have a really, neat, clean and perfect book… Yeah, no, this isn’t my demand… I accept when books have a slight rubbed edge, I don’t demand to have  a perfect version of the book and don’t make a fuss about it…

What are you?  A heavy booklover who treats his books like raw eggs? Or do you need a used book? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Follow Friday # 1 (october 7th) – the treatment of my books

  1. Ah, I’m more than happy to welcome you to my Follow Friday – you’ve made my day! :o)

    And well, you’ve already read my (German) answer to this question. I’m the one who even wears gloves if it comes to expensive or sensitive books, hehe. I hate fingerprints on precious pictures. ;o)


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