Review: Truth on Fire

Truth on Fire
Truth on Fire by Zach Jenkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

Coming out was supposed to fix everything.

Once firefighter David Newsome found the courage to admit his sexuality, he expected life to get better. Instead, studying to become an arson investigator is kicking his ass, his father’s critical voice plays relentlessly on his mind, and he still can’t get to first base with another man. Scoring a date at a charity auction might have meant things were looking up… if only the man who’d won him was gay.

Love is guaranteed to break your heart.

After losing his wife to a drunk driver, Quinn Harper only has two concerns: raising his son, and finding a job. When his sister pawns off the “date” she won at a charity auction, he’s definitely not looking for love. Especially not with a man.

The holidays add stress I don’t need right now.

With the holidays bearing down on them, the two concoct a plan to fake a relationship together. Keeping well-intentioned, matchmaking friends and family off their backs seems like a great idea… but will the lie they’ve trapped themselves in deny them the chance for true happiness?

Truth on Fire is a steamy, standalone gay for you romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhangers.

Whereas I didn’t warmed up really at the first book of the series I liked this instantly.
The connection between David and Quinn felt more natural for me than Clay and Ezra from Love on Fire (Firefighters on the Fox # 2).

Their meeting is quite unconventional but I liked it and it was a funny start of their relationship.

I really lost my heart at David, maybe it’s because I can’t really neutrally judge a guy with the name David because of another beloved character in a series – who knows xD
But aside this spleen of me I liked this character and I felt his development stronger than Clay’s or Ezra’s character in book one.
Quinn was a little problematic at first but this fact was soon fade away. I really liked how he act as a parent – he is a great rolemodel and I can say I also love his son. His son Brian, however was… he confused me sometimes. He was sweet and charming but sometimes I was a bit confused about the child’s age… He sometimes spoke very adult like, very wise in a lack of a better term for know…

I enjoyed also the thoughts and doubts about the guy’s own future, the issues weren’t overdramatically presented., instead the worries were good written and so the emotions palpable without stressing the reader. It was also nice to see how well-balanced – and most important – mature the guys react. There wasn’t the drama from book one. 🙂

The problems in the book were realistic told and it felt everything quite natural for me. I’m satisfied with this read. 🙂

David’s and Quinn’s erotic scenes captured me as well, it was hot and steamy, I liked it.

4.5 out of 5 stars (round up at Goodreads).


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