Stacking the Shelves # 4

Stacking The Shelves, hosted gracefully by Tynga’s Reviews, is a weekly feature. It is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

This week I received 4 ARCs, bought a few from which two were free reads. 🙂

Still no update on the manga review copy front and my other books I’ve requested… *sigh*

*for the better understanding: I’ll call ebook review copies mostly ARCs whereas I call german review copies simply review copies. 😀

ARCs/review copies

Double Talk (On the Radio # 2) by Pandora Pine
release date: October 11th



Battling back from losing everything in a scandal that cost him the chance to be elected to the U.S. Senate, disgraced politician Caine Williams is learning to take things one day at a time. The opportunity to host a political talk show, Raising Caine, on PRIDE XM Radio, is the next step in getting his life back.

Up-and-coming Republican political commentator Darwin Edwards is hoping a guest appearance on Raising Caine will give him some national exposure and take his career to the next level. The last thing he expects is such a strong attraction to his annoyingly liberal co-host.

Impressed by the ratings brought in by Caine and Darwin’s broadcast, the powers that be ask Darwin to join the show permanently, and sparks begin to fly between the co-hosts both in and out of the studio.

Can Darwin and Caine learn to work together or will their budding attraction be nipped in the bud before it can evolve into something more?

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

The blurb sounds great and I can’t wait to read this polical touched book. :3 I can see the drama in there. ❤

Driven by Harper Logan
release date: September 26th


“You’ll know how important something is when you see how much you’re willing to sacrifice for it.”

Ben Barley is working on borrowed time. With an ultimatum—get a promotion by his 36th birthday or find a new job—and a deadline looming over his head, it’s easy to get wrapped up in his own Ivy League world.

That is, until he meets Oscar.

The last thing Oscar Nash needs is to take on a new charity case at his failing mechanic shop. But when a handsome, well-dressed art history lecturer shows up with a vintage car in need of some TLC, Oscar is too intrigued to say no.

Sure he can fix up the car… on one condition. Ben has to agree to a date.

Despite misunderstandings and clashing worlds, the two men hit it off, connecting over their deep love of art. As their connection grows, Oscar shares his greatest yearning: the car mechanic’s dream to become a sculptor and open his own gallery. But will their chemistry be enough to overcome the differences in their two worlds?

More importantly, can Oscar step up with a mechanical miracle while Ben’s career hangs in the balance?

Driven is a 50,000-word standalone contemporary gay romance, complete with lots of heat and a happily ever after ending.

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

The other book – Our Reunion  – indirectly connected to this was great, this sounds even a bit better and the preview of it was promising. Currently reading. 🙂

Heart Trouble by D.J. Jamison (Ashe Sentinel # 6)
release date: october 6th


When Gage Evans gets a look at his hot nurse, he’s smitten immediately. Too bad he’s given the nurse the impression he’s some kind of daredevil. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Gage is a college journalism instructor writing a series of guest columns that require him to jump into new experiences — a fun bucket list, but one that does nothing to convince Ben he’s not an adrenaline junkie.

Fresh off his latest heartbreak, nurse Ben Griggs is wary when one of his patients shows an interest in him — especially when that patient showed up in the ER after a motorcycle accident. Ben’s ex was a biker, a friend with benefits, and he dropped Ben cold when someone more interesting came along. Ben isn’t the kind of guy who can hold the interest of an adrenaline junkie like Gage Evans for long. The last thing he wants is to lose his heart to the wrong man again.

The more Ben gets to know Gage, the harder he is to resist. He can only hold on for the ride and keep his guard up as much as he can. But Ben’s lack of trust seriously gets in the way of building a relationship, and Gage will only be patient so long. Can he trust Gage enough to give his heart, or are they destined to have a fling that goes nowhere?

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

This was soo good. I finished the ARC today and wrote my review, which will be published on the release date. 🙂 Stay tuned. :3 ❤

Truth on Fire by Zach Jankins
release date: October 7th


“Coming out was supposed to fix everything.”

Once firefighter David Newsome found the courage to admit his sexuality, he expected life to get better. Instead, studying to become an arson investigator is kicking his ass, his father’s critical voice plays relentlessly on his mind, and he still can’t get to first base with another man. Scoring a date at a charity auction might have meant things were looking up… if only the man who’d won him was gay.

“Love is guaranteed to break your heart.”

After losing his wife to a drunk driver, Quinn Harper only has two concerns: raising his son, and finding a job. When his sister pawns off the “date” she won at a charity auction, he’s definitely not looking for love. Especially not with a man.

“The holidays add stress I don’t need right now.”

With the holidays bearing down on them, the two concoct a plan to fake a relationship together. Keeping well-intentioned, matchmaking friends and family off their backs seems like a great idea… but will the lie they’ve trapped themselves in deny them the chance for true happiness?

Truth on Fire is a steamy, standalone gay for you romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhangers

Source: Goodreads
Buy link: amazon

I have the first book on my TBR list so I’ll read (and review) both at once. 🙂 The blurb sounds intriguing and I can’t wait. Firefighters, how hot! ❤

bought books (also free books)

Exes by Kade Boehme
release date: September 28th


Bryce and Wesley have been best friends for years and they’ve shared a lot. From dorms to the same women—and men. Bryce sees all the change happening around him, knows Wesley is getting fed up. They’ve been doing their dance of casually hooking up with one another and others since their college days.

Now they’ve transitioned from care-free early twenties, to their late twenties and life is settling down, Wesley wants more. If he can’t, he doesn’t know if he can stay. But Bryce has the responsibility of a family business that fell on his shoulders after a tragedy, and doesn’t want to hold Wesley back in his small hometown, especially if he doesn’t know if he can commit for the right reasons.

Others come and go but Wesley and Bryce have been each other’s constant. Now that emotions run deeper, they have a huge decision to make. Do they go their separate ways, continue being best friends that eventually become exes, or do they take the next big step as a unit?

Source: Goodreads
buy link: amazon

A novella by Kade Boehme. I can’t say no. 🙂 ❤

Very Late Blooming by Hayden Hunt
publication date: September 19th


It feels like I’ve lost everything.

I’m not at a particularly good point in my life right now. I’ve recently lost the only person I truly loved and I’m not sure how to get back on my feet. The things I once cared about so deeply simply don’t seem to matter anymore. I’ve lost my passion for life and I have no idea how to get it back. Honestly, at this point I don’t even have the energy to care about getting it back.

Until my loud and overly perky florist neighbor, Oliver, decides to weasel his way into my life.

I’ve got a love for life but have never been in love… until I met him

Things are going good for me, they usually are. I’ve got good friends, a great relationship with my parents, I feel very passionate about my job as a florist. Things aren’t going too bad in my romantic life either, though I do have a tendency to jump from guy to guy pretty quickly. But what can I say? I haven’t felt that urge to settle down yet.

That is, until I meet my new neighbor, Gabe. Getting involved with a neighbor seems like a terrible idea… But I can’t help myself, my connection to him feels magnetic.

This standalone gay-for-you novella of 30,000 words is currently on sale for .99 and comes complete with a HEA ending! Includes bonus material from two of my other books!

Source: Goodreads
buy link: amazon

I read a few Hayden Hunt books… Light reading. 🙂

Friends like You by Beau Bishop
release date: July 19th


Jason Reed has it all, from his cheerleader girlfriend to proud college football star status. What he also has is secrets; secrets kept especially from his friend Anderson.
Anderson Lewis is out and proud. A fine looking gay advocate on their college campus, he tries to help everyone be happy with who they are.
After saving Anderson from a particularly rough night, the two learn they’re good as roommates as well as friends. But will time show them that they make better lovers than roommates? With friends like Anderson, will Jason finally be happy with who and what he is?

*This is a Friends to Lovers, Gay for You M/M Romance with a HEA ending*

Source: Goodreads
buy link: amazon

It was a free read when I bought this. I read a Beau Bishop book before so I test this. 🙂

Two Voices by Declan Rhodes
publication date: August 2nd


When Daniel accepts his best friend and housemate Antonio’s offer to get out of the house for the local street festival, he has no idea that a decision to turn one direction to check out a local band will change his life. He’s mesmerized by Greg, lead vocalist of a local rock band. A chance meeting later in a local bar reveals simmering chemistry between the two.

Both are singers, and it quickly becomes obvious they could make beautiful music together. It soon also becomes apparent they can make passionate music between the sheets.Daniel has always been a solo singer, and he isn’t sure he can share the spotlight as a duo. Greg is committed to his band and wary of branching out in a completely new direction. A chance gig brings down the house and sets up difficult choices for the future.

Will Greg choose the band’s future success or choose Daniel? Can Daniel let him go after experiencing the chemistry they share?

Two Voices is a 30,000 word m/m romance novella with a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

Source: Goodreads
buy link: amazon

Free read when I got his. Sounds good although it’s short…

Sins of the Past by Amanda Young
publication date: May 14th


Two men bonded by love. A long forgotten secret neither knew they shared in common.

Andrew Vought is a wealthy single parent who’s all but given up on love. Ryan Ward is an up-and-coming landscape architect, who’s never believed true love exists.

In each other’s arms, they find the love they’ve sought. But can a budding new love survive the secrets both men harbor?

Source: Goodreads
buy link: amazon

Free read when I got his. Sounds good although it’s short too…

Not that Type by Sara York
publication date: February 25th 2012


When CIA assassin Aiden Johnson is trapped between a bathroom wall and a hard man, he chooses the hard man, much to his surprise. Aiden doesn’t want to admit he’s gay, but his first stumble into man love leaves him disoriented, searching for answers and desperate to find the truth. He covers his real desires by dating an ultra hot girl, but it’s the guy sitting a few tables away that draws his attention.

Super nice and attractive Doctor Trace Williams is so special he seems like an angel to Aiden. Their first kiss blows Aiden away. That Trace sees into his soul, even when Aiden is trying to hide everything, pisses him off. Aiden needs Trace in his life, but once Trace finds out the truth about Aiden’s job, will they have any part of their relationship left?

What would you do if your lover ripped apart the very foundation of what you believed?

Source: Goodreads
buy link: amazon

A CIA assasin? Blurb sounds great. 🙂 Was recommended by an author friend. 🙂

books I’m waiting for/ preordered

I like to give an overview of the anticipated books, some of them are preordered (marked with a ++). I put the link to goodreads on the title. In the comming StS issues I will present them. 🙂

I admit it’s a bit annoying to wait for these three so long xD

This is my overview… Feel free t0 leave a comment if you have similar books on your list. 🙂


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