Share the Love Sunday # 2 – Connichi special (september 16th – september 18th)

A bit delayed and with a special topic I love to write about the convention I’ve attended this weekend. Every third (or fourth) week in September there is the manga and anime convention Connichi, Kassel (my university city). This year it was from september 16th – september 18th.
Since it’s only half an hour away from my hometown it’s a must to visit this convention and meet friends. ❤

With events like workwhops, presentations and other things there is a lot to buy on the convention – of course. 😉 *smirk* And I spend a lot of money on those conventions XD

I attend a worksop/presentation about the question why women love to read about yaoi (gay romance manga, but in the definition it is also a term for fanmade manga, stories etc) and slash (the western gay romance fanfictions). It was well researched since the woman who held the presentation had a lot of knowledge. The discussion afterwards was also great and very funny with a few witty comments by the audience. 😉 It was a very late workshop but it was expected due to the topic altough nothing sensual or explicit was shown.. (what a bummer XD). I had a great time discussing this topic with other fans – and I could also give other people a bit of my knowledge. xD Well I guess I was totally natural 😀

But I’d also like to give you a small selected insight of my loot. 🙂

I bought a porcelain/china figurine set with a cat and an owl sitting on a bamboo mat with a fish grill next to them


Aren’t they lovely? *^* ❤


Then I got this beautiful bowl and bought these small anime figures (from Sailor Moon and Digimon ince I love these particular shown character on the picture most)


And my highlight were the prints and postcards by the talented artist/author duo who  created the german manga Sternensammler (an entry will follow where I write about this outstanding gay romance slice of life manga *^* ) which sell their works also individually under Salamandra and Holzesserin (in english her name is called “Woodeater” ;))

Here you’ve a few of the motives:


Along with this I got the last volume/chapter of Sternensammler with a personal signature and a small drawing . ❤ I love to get in contact with the artists/authors. :3 Always a pleasure to be able to talk with them and meet them “in person”. :3

This Connichi everthing was totally smooth and relaxed. I had this year  – as always a great host – my dear friend Sese and her boyfriend I knew a few years now. 🙂 It’s always a delight to have a place where you can relax a bit and yeah, you know you don’t have to travel home though it’s not far away XD)
The weather was a bit moody, but since one rainy day (saturday) the two other days where great, so a friend of mine could take a lot of fotos. I edit them later when I got them (I guess a bit edited and corrected). Beautiful picture of my last Cosplay outfit.

But I’ll show you my outfit from the first day yet. I was wearing my lovely blue dress, had my orange wig and my hat on. I felt younger and very pretty. :3 ❤ Love the contrast. :3


The outfit from the last day was inspired by being a cowgirl. But with simple blue jeans and a red-blue striped blouse – added with a great red hat. 😉 Very simple but my lovely friend Sese (check her page ;)) took great fotos of me (thanks again, my dear <3). :3 When they are finish I’ll edit them here. 🙂

I can say from the bottom of my heart that I loved this Connichi as much as the other, maybe this time it was evern better because I wasn’t stressend and annoyed and too tired. I had fun, I met a friend of mine again who was at the Connichi last year for the first time and it was so sweet to got the possiblity to talk with her again. 🙂

I don’t have token fotos of other cosplayer but if you check sites like Animexx for Connichi fotos there are a lot of them. 🙂

I guess next time I’ll post from the Frankfurter bookfair and/or the Leipziger bookfair 🙂 I plan to attend these two. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my little post about this particular topic. XD It’s not really gay romance related but… still a lot if I’m being honest since I also love to read gay romance in manga which is called yaoi. 🙂 😉 But manga and anime are my second (and oldest) love tbh. 🙂 So I hope you like it.

And I hope you’ll leave a little comment and tell me maybe when and on which convention you’ve been or plan to attend. 🙂 And maybe you know the Connchi, too? 🙂

Kisses & hugs,

Mikku-chan ❤


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