Review: Chase the Sun

Chase the Sun
Chase the Sun by Christina Lee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~

The blurb sounds so good so I was totally sure I would love this one too. And I loved it as much as the first book in the series. Possible to be read as a stand alone we met Conner and Jamie, two young guys who know each other from their hometown – a small place as boring and plain as an unsalted cracker and without any perspectives for the future.
Conner is surprised by Jamie’s generosity who drive the car Conner got from his recently passed away uncle Kenny to LA. They both meet each other since an aweful time of years – and a lot of chemistry is dealing between them.

It felt very natural to read about the relationship about Conner and Jamie. Whereas Conner is lively, always joking and as warm as a bunch of sunrays Jamie is more introverted, more calm and a bit withdrawn. His passion are (vintage) cars and so he defrost a lot when he talks about Conner’s car and the repair he is doing. A bit more innocent looking with curly brown hair and freckles here and there Conner is soon mesmerized.
Both guys have a lot of problems they carry around. Conner

[spoiler follows]

thinks he isn’t able to love monogamous, like he is the same type as his parents who live in an open relationship. He feels neglected by them and during his childhood, a bit self-concious – which is totally different from the Conner we met at the beginning.

[end of spoiler]

Jamie on the other hand is carrying a cloud of duties mixed with feeling remorse and bored. He [spoiler follows]

helps his mother with her MS, an autoimmune disease, and feel captured and not being able to do the things he want in fear to disappoint his parents.

[end of spoiler]

His trip to LA gives him a new insight – and he learns to grow a bit out of his shell he lived in for so long. The growing feelings – next to the sexual tension and chemistry – are confusing for both guys but on the other hand it’s as natural as breathing.

It’s sweet to see how the single character react, Conner is a really caring person, somebody who loves to do something about the person he have a connection with. Along his jokes he is sensitive, tender and self-giving. He complements with Jamie on a great level.

The sensual scenes were awesome, hot and emotional. Sometimes a bit cheesy, for example the kiss on the farmer marked. ❤ Also the small gestures in the book had a lot of power. They made you shiver, you feel happy for the guys they found each other.

This book is great to read as a stand-alone but since there is a reappearance of Lucas and Gabriel from Touch the Sky you should of course read (or re-read) the first book.
It’s sweet to see the four guys together, they have a great chemistry.
But the highlight of minor character is Ezra, who gets his own book next time. ❤ Can’t wait to read who’s the guy he fall in love with and who make him crazy. 🙂
His slight grumpyness were a highlight in the book.

For this great I can joyous give 5 out of 5 stars *^* What an amazing book with emotional issues but with also hot and steamy but sometimes cheesy sweet scenes. ❤
Loved this one, too. ❤


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