Review: Stray Home

Stray Home
Stray Home by Edith Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

It was the first book by this author and I didn’t know what I could expect. The blurb sounded very good, I mean often enough the tags “friends to lovers”, “puppies/animals” and “second chances” are enough to capture me.
This time it wasn’t different. So, after happily expecting something I like I was really entertained.

The opening scene was very vivid, lively with the dog’s sudden appearance and his ludacrious behaviour. ūüėČ His given name by maincharacter Mike is very fitting: Bacon.
So, this little ball of fur hit right into my heart, the same as Mike did.

Mike is a pleasant main character. Built as a hulk – he describes himself as such – with impressive tattoos and a solid appreance, former soldier in the Army he is now settled in a house of his own, a heritage by his parents.

Being in ownership of a puppy Mike has a great reunion with his former best friend and secret crush after ten long years.

You can expect how things went from there and I wasn’t disappointed. The connection I would expect from friends who know each other since they were in the elementary school until they were teens but then separated due of David’s decisions are very authentic. It was like a fitting glove. Although you didn’t really know the reason of ther separation the connection is palpable, the chemistry between them hot burning, the confidence rebuilding.

Although it was funny, as well as hot and – of course – sappy sweet both guys have to deal with a lot of their own problems… The reunion itself isn’t enough and so troubled times were following.

I don’t want to reveal the books end but a HEA is garanteed. And it’s good to have it. It calms the heart.

The tone in general and style of the book was very fitting. It was 3rd POV but not past tense but present tense. It was definately different but not unpleasant.
The switch from Mike’s POV and David’s was a great mix. This way you got both sides and not only one exclusively.

I was both times amused, thrilled but also sometimes angry, sad for the guys but and felt sympathy for them.

I am thankful to got this book as an ARC, this way I explored a new author and it won’t be my last book I read by Edith Scott, that’s for sure.

So my overall rating is
5 out of 5 stars

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