Review: Loud and Clear

Loud and Clear
Loud and Clear by Sierra Riley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*~~*ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review *~~*

This book as so different from the other Sierra Riley books and I have to say: it was the “darkest” and honest, most angsty book I’ve read by her.

It was sometimes hard to endure how many problems not only Matt had, even Daniel who seemed perfect at the beginning has his struggles…
It was really touching not only to see…
[spoiler follows]

Matt suffering from being addicted to drugs and dealing with not feeling worshipped enough from this family, although they support him adorably. It is heart clenching to see how Matt’s sister and her husband aren’t thinking he is trustworthy take care of their son because of events in the past. You sometimes feel an anger about the family of Matt even if they are nice dearing people.

[end of spoiler ]

The only person who really seem to understand Matt is the older public speaking professor Daniel.
He isn’t the perfect guy you think at the beginning and his power of speaking infront of an audience has a purpose:
[spoiler follows]

He is himself suffering from the loss of his younger brother Ben, who commit suicide. Overwhelmed by helplessness he tries to give the people a “voice”, the power to speak for themself and properly to be heard, even if it’s only one person.

[end of spoiler]

It was in opinion really realistic, I felt their problems, my heart had thighten while reading.
I also really, really loved the public speaking course itself. :3 It was an impressive way of describing the power of words, seeing this described in a book and it gave me a great time of rethinking a few things. :3

The erotical scenes were hot and steamy but this time the focus felt more on the emotions of the person, so they didn’t really were this prominent in my mind while reading.
It was more the deep connection between Daniel and Matt.
And although they seem to have a chemistry several parts of the book revealed both were also different and had their own way of dealing with things. Those created the biggest problems in their relationship.
I don’t want to spoil and even when the plot is darker than the other by Sierra Riley, the HEA is also guaranteed. :3

I give the book
5 out of 5 stars in general. It’s so differentt to the other sometimes (over) fluffy books by the author… But it’s definately a read worth. ūüôā


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